Two Guns, Arizona
By Gladwell Richardson


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Legal Records
Checked in Yavapal, Coconino, Navajo and Apache counties, Arizona.

Personal Statements of People in the Authors Files
Bruebman, R. M. (Dick). Indian trader on the Little Colorado River, early 1900's. Bought Benton Mesa Store from G. W. McAdams, 1904.
Bahe, Hosteen. With other Navajo leaders, fought the Apaches around Two Guns.
Brown, J. H. Winslow jeweler. He bought the diamonds from the two cowboys.
Beasley, Al. Sheepman in area in the early days.
Balmer, Jack. Indian agent at Leupp for many years.
Begay. Salawa. Navajo Indian policeman who knew most of those concerned in the regional history from 1880 to 1909.
Begay, B'ugoettin, son of Hosteen B'ugoettin. Was involved in the fights with Apache raiders and the cowmen usurping Navajo range.
B'ugoettin, Hosteen. Statements to G. W. McAdams and S. I. Richardson in the 1890's to 1910.
Campbell, William (Bill). He ran sheep along Canyon Diablo, 1877-1890.
Creswell, Lucien, old Hashknife cowboy.
Cannon, Adolph. The old prospector who collected meteorite diamonds for more than thirty years. Died under mysterious circumstances. Known to the author.
Croxen, Fred W., Sr. for many years a peace officer in Coconino County (Flagstaff). One of the officers who brought out Montgomery's body from Elliot Canyon. Later organized the Law & Order Department for the Navajo tribe.
Cundif, Earle. He established Two Guns.
Cundiff, Louise (Hesch). Mrs. Earle Cundiff. She lived at Two Guns for nearly thirty years.
Drye, Walter, One time had ranch near Two Guns.
Diamond, Jack. Cattleman in area.
Daw, John. Indian scout with the U. S. Cavalry and later a tribal policeman.
Durham, Walter S. In the Elliot Canyon fight and was Hashknife cowboy 1880's to 1910.
Fiske, E. F. Inspector, U. S. Indian Service, who investigated the Elliot Canyon battle and other depredations along the Little Colorado River.
Henning, Lloyd C. Published the Winslow Mall, 1909-1914. Premier historian of northern Arizona.
Hatch, Lafe, Clerk, Superior Court, Navajo County, Holbrook. Ex-sheriff and collector of historical records.
Howard, "Bear". Came to Canyon Diablo in 1874 as an escapee from San Quentin prison.
Hoebdeffer, Colonel George. Commander of the Flagstaff Blues. Early day pioneer.
Heach, Phillip E. (Phil), Married Louise Cundiff. Rebuilt Two Guns on Highway 66.
Hogan, Daniel (Dan), Coconino Deputy Sheriff who led the posse in the Elliot Canyon fight.
Hubbell, Lorenzo, Sr., old time Indian trader.
Hubbell, Lorenzo, Jr., son of Lorenzo, Hubbell, Sr. Knew all the Navajos concerned in Two Guns history and one time owned the Canyon Diablo trading post.
Houck, C. I. (Chet), was sheriff of Navajo County when John Shaw killed.
Hatch, Ed, knew Earle Cundiff well and served in the army during World War I with him.
Jim, Silversmith, lived all his life along the Little Colorado River in the disputed territory.
Jensen, Reed, chief of police at the Leupp Indian Agency.
Jacobs, Donald E. Sr., was trader at Two Guns for four years.
Long, Ben. Navajo cattleman during the river war with white stockmen.
Lee, Joseph Hyrum, Jr., (Joedy). Lived all his life among the Navajo and at one time worked for Herman Wolf at Wolf Post.
McCormick, George, old prospector in the Two Guns area and knew all the Indians and whites concerned.
McAdams, George W., author's great uncle. Bought Wolf Post, 1899, with his nephew. Came to the Navajo country in 1877.
MeAdams, J. H. (Higgs), brother of G. W. McAdams. Ran trading posts in the area in 1904-1910.
Miller, Harry E. (Indian Miller) put in the animal farm at Two Guns and cleaned out the Apache cave.
Miller, Mrs. Harry. Harry Miller's wife who lived at Two Guns.
MeKinney, Joe T., long time peace officer at Winslow, before 1900.
Natani, Hosteen, district chief who fought the Apache raiders and wiped them out at Apache Cave.
Patton, Francis, one time trader at Two Guns.
Red Rock Woman's Boy, Hosteen, Navajo who fought red and white enemies with the early day chiefs.
Rudd, William (Bill), cowman and deputy sheriff, Navajo County in the early days.
Runke, Walter Sr., early day Indian agent.
Richardson, S. I., author's father. Bought Wolf Post, 1899, with his uncle. Knew all the Indians and whites concerned in the fights around Canyon Diablo.
Richardson, C. D. early day Indian trader. Author's uncle.
Richardson, Hubert, Indian trader for half a century and once had wholesale house in Winslow. Author's uncle.
Redshirt, Hosteen, leader who took a big hand in the Navajo fights with raiders.
Roden, William (Billy), Little Colorado River cowman who came to Arizona with his father in 1884 and established ranch at Roden Springs.
Randolph, Ed, early day prospector & frontiersman who lived at Two Guns.
Sorensen, William E., Winslow, Arizona, collector of northern Arizona history.
Sagney, Hosteen. As a young man engaged in the fights against enemy raiders.
Sugar, Big, rode with the chiefs defending ancient hunting grounds.
Sugar, Little, Navajo fighting man and clan historian.
Secakuku, Chief Joe, had a business at Two Guns at various times from 1924 to 1935.
Thomas, Thomas (Tommy), government stockman at Leupp Navajo Agency.
Tinnin, Earl, manager Two Guns trading post under lease in early 1930's.
Turpin, Tobe, Indian trader at Canyon Diablo station.
Thompson, Foster, Manager Meteor Crater Enterprises.
Volz, Fred, statements to S. I. Richardson, 1899-1910.
Volz, Miss Jeanette. Daughter of Fred Volz who lived at Canyon Diablo as a young girl, 1890-1910.
Wheeler, Harold, trader, son-in-law of C. D. Richardson and one time chief of police, Winslow.
Windainger, Hosteen, medicine man.
Walker, C. L., U.S. Indian Service special officer, inspector and Agent. Wolf, Herman, statements to S. I. Richardson
statements to George W. McAdams. statements to Joe Lee. statements to W. F. Williams. statements to Fred Volz.
Walker, William (Bill) prospector in area.
Wetherill, John & Louise, Indian traders in the Navajo country from 1888 to 1935.
Williams, W. F., came to Arizona in 1881.
Young, W. S., Indian trader at Leupp and elsewhere. Author's uncle.