Little Colorado River Gorge Hike

 Harvey Butchart and Sue  


Harvey Butchart and Sue compare notes
(click here for Harvey's trail descriptions illustrated with photos from Arizona Highways and our trip ...)

Space Shuttle View of the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, Kaibab Plateau
Arizona, USA


36 North, 112 West
Altitude: 191 Nautical miles

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Cameron Trading Post, 1926


Navajo Nation Permits Required

The Navajo Nation is requiring a $5.00 per person fee for hikers, or $10 fee for groups of 2 - 10 hikers. This includes any hiking in the Navajo Nation backcountry, including many slot canyons.

Contact the Ranger Headquarters in Cameron, AZ (928-679-2303) to find out where permits can be purchased. The permits, however, do not entitle you to hike on individually owned land. Many slot canyons are on private land and you must pay a fee to the owner. These fees can be unreasonable and detour many hikers from the area. Land owners often tell you that if you purchase their pass, you do not have to pay the Navajo Nation fees. This may be correct, but it is questionable. You should check with the rangers.

Navajo Nation laws were not always enforced in the past, but they are being enforced more thoroughly today.

Please note: Navajo Mountain is sacred to Navajo People and should not be trespassed upon by hikers and climbers.

Contact the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Department:

P.O. Box 9000
Window Rock, AZ 86515
Phone: (928) 871-6647

Cameron Visitor Center
P.O. Box 549
Cameron, AZ 86020
Phone: (928) 679-2303

Some tour operators have agreements with Navajo landowners and can take you into the canyons with little of the confusion you may face dealing with the owners on your own. A good place to check on available tours is the Powell Museum and Visitor Center in Page, Arizona.