Trip Photos, May
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The photos below are from the second attempt.  Though the trail was well cairned we deviated somewhat in going down and had a more difficult time than coming back when we realized it was easier going to avoid the creek bed that was choked (and chocked) with boulders and debris ...

Camp site

The first pour-over

Tedious talus slope and channel bed

Stream channel with pour-over (far center)

The second pour-over

Polished limestone at the second pour-over

First view of the Little Colorado

Built-up trail to the right

Cairns mark the vertical detour

Slabs frame the river view

Nice hiking in the dry river bed

The earth below

Intermittent springs formed shallow mud bogs

Polished marble walls

Travertine terraces like Havasu

Nice beaches for camping

Finally, the Blue Spring ...

Now we have a full-blown, year-round river that few except river-runners ever get to see ...

The trek back

Our last view from the broken-down trail