Trip Photos, October
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The first trip down to the Blue Spring Trail in October was via the near-vertical climb near Gold Hill from the west side.  The river was flooding and the roiling muddy waters totally obscured the blue-green flow from the spring.  We were not able to reach the source due the amount of water and mud, though it was a short distance.  After reviewing Harvey's notes, we tried the so-called 'Horse Trail' from the east which proved to be significantly easier and gave us a nicer hike overall.

Little Colorado Gorge
Little Colorado River Gorge view from near Gold Hill

View of Little Colorado
View of the gorge from the rim

The isthmus
The isthmus to the Blue Spring trail head

Little Colorado Gorge
Little Colorado River at flood stage

Muddy Little Colorado
View looking down the 'trail'

Down Climbing
Sue on the 'trail'

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